December Snow

by Black Canvas

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released October 15, 2011

Produced by Jack Essenburg, Matthew Murray and Nate Leslie
Recorded by Jack Essenburg
All lyrics written by Matthew Murray


tags: rock Chicago


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Black Canvas Chicago, Illinois

Black Canvas

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Track Name: Stay (Where You Are)
Each word carries a shaky target
Night obscures morning's regret
When why doesn't yield an answer

We pave the way for the absurd

You won't stay where you are

Where you are
Where you are is in history's arms
Where you are is where you belong
Stay where you are

Never coming home
Track Name: Fences
I've walked these halls innumerable times
As a child, my attention was elsewhere
Things among things existed passively, left dormant, for no other purpose

Except careless habit
It's as if I've walked these halls unmindful
Interacting with things familiar, yet unfamiliar in my everyday encounters

Sites reappear when I perform the search, a strain on my erring memory
The grainy, worn looking bookshelf cradling unread fictions I received

As gifts from distant relatives
Pictures frames outlining all our family portraits taken in
Places I can't remember and biblical quotes
In my everyday encounters

Although I’ll never be able to go back to my childhood home, the remnants of memory keep me searching, changing and rebuilding the forgotten.
Track Name: Cabin Song
The weather isn’t changing from the view where I reside
Bridged the world to appear anyway the creator would like
Confident in fictions I produce within my mind
Define the way I see the figures outside

Grown accustomed to the feeling of indifference
Familiar with the idle form of my existence

Encircled in your own private shell
Trusting yourself, won’t be mistaken

Incapable of recalling the chivalry expressed
In the past, when society fit in the palm of my hand
Before retreating to the inner cabin where I live
I was blossoming, caring for others beside my own kind
Alone, without recourse
The normal isn’t normal to the others looking in
In anyway, any form, any time, any place anyhow

Grown accustomed to the loneliness, self pity
Familiar with the objects that surround me

Encircled in your own private shell
Trusting yourself, won’t be mistaken
You’ll never be wrong or right
Nobody to witness your life, no agreement in sight
Track Name: Remembrance
Isolated gem tangled in winter webs
Spun out of control after years tightly bound
To a memory, flickering underneath
Keeping both our eyes aligned

Cemetery grass circling photographs'
Half beaten sun reflects unclear lines
Statues shadows show us forgotten times
Keeping both our hearts tied tight

In our house built on December's snow
Track Name: Grace
I've traveled far without moving my feet
Twenty two years chained to these streets
A shallow soul searching for empathy
Tonight the past will surrender on its knees

Heaven, you're not that far
Heaven, you're not that far
Heaven, you're not that far to reach